Groundhog Model #89

The Groundhog Anchor Support System Model #89 is a medium-duty helical steel screw pile foundation used to support and/or tie down structures such as decks, sunrooms, boathouses, balconies, docks, landings, outbuildings, cement pads, trailer homes, jobsite trailers and grade beams to name a few.

  • Model #89 is 8 feet long with a 9-inch helix 360° welded to a 1.5" hollow square shaft and is colour coded black.
  • 3000 lb. safe load per pile (1/3 of actual fail point in medium to stiff soil conditions).
  • Frost and heave resistant when properly installed.
  • Can be installed manually using a mechanical installation wrench which entails users walking in a radial pattern around the anchor while it screws into the ground.
  • Custom lengths and brackets are available upon request.
  • Professional installation by the Groundhog Anchors team can be arranged by contacting us or through your local hardware store.