Groundhog Anchor Specifications

Picture of three Groundhog Anchors

The first number indicates shaft length.

The second number indicates flyte diameter.

For example, our #68 Anchor has a 6 foot shaft, with a 8 inch flyte. A #89 Anchor has a 8 foot shaft, with a 9 inch flyte.

  • 8" Flyte Series
  • 9" Flyte Series
  • 12" Flyte Series
8" Flyte Series

Anchor #68 Light/Medium  - 1 1/4" shaft

The #68 anchors are ideal for commercial trailer tie downs, signs, etc., with 2000 lbs tension safe load. The ideal foundation for decking, carports, pools, septic tanks, etc., with compression safe loads of 2000lbs. They feature 1 1/4" steel shafts, with an 8" flyte.



9" Flyte Series
12" Flyte Series

Fully Guaranteed

Groundhog Anchors are fully guaranteed. Custom in house manufacturing allows us to maintain our extremely high specifications and ensures we produce the best quality anchors.

Custom Lengths and Extensions Available

Please contact us if you would like more information about our anchors or would like to have an anchor size recommended for your project. Our in house custom manufacturing allows us to have an anchor size custom built for your application.